The Board Room Game Cafe






Branding; Logo; Website; Business Cards; Uniforms; Signage; Print ads; Marketing material; more


Kris Moulton, the owner and operator of The Board Room Game Cafe, knew that he wanted his one-of-a-kind cafe to feel cozy and inviting, the kind of space where you could spend hours with your friends eating, drinking, and (of course) playing board games. With this primary criteria in mind, and loads of creative freedom, we set off to design an identity that would reflect Kris’ friendly vibes.

The BRGC is a popular destination for dates, friends, and gaming adventurers – a far cry from the dank, dingy basement where we played Monopoly as kids – so it was important that the look be fresh to reflect the lively atmosphere. It was also important that the branding be equally appealing to casual and hardcore gamers alike. Our final design was a look that felt playful without being juvenile, and classic without being retro.

The branding and aesthetic were carried over to the website as well. We wanted the site to be as straightforward as possible, featuring big, bold graphics, and bright, engaging photos to highlight the BRG’s unique space. We designed the site with WordPress functionality, to accomodate the BRG blog, which they update often with Staff Spotlights and original Game Reviews.