The Arts

Aesthetics are an extremely important facet of any business or organization. This is especially true today, when the general public is more attuned then ever before. We make it our mission to ensure that everything from driving concept to final pixel is carefully considered and perfectly presented. Because even if people don't notice these things outright, they're subconscious will.

Web Graphic Photo/Video

The Engineering

Great software is fast and efficient, follows best practices, and uses the most effective libraries to leverage the hard work of the worlds many great coders. From the front-end that the user experiences to the back-end core doing the heavy lifting behind scenes, we make sure its built to serve your company or organizations diverse needs while being agile enough to pivot, should the need arise.

Front End Back End Apps

Web Design

We've put a lot of though into what makes a great website. Bold visuals, intuitive interface and the right balance of text are key, but each site is an unique expression and should be treated as such.


Graphic Design

Great design is a tool to help you express your message to an audience. By honing both the subtleties of the concept and the details of the design, we can create a strong cohesive message the resonates deeply.

Logo Design
Package design

Photo & Video

Images can speak volumes. Leverage our in house studio with ready access to the creative needed to strengthen your brand or marketing campaign. We can help.

Motion Graphics


Front-end design should be seamless and efficient while adding a little magic to the user experience. Built in tandem with a strong visual interface, it will be hard to contain your excitement when you experience your vision first hand.



An Intelligently designed, coded, and configured back-end insures that your users will experience minimal downtime. Coupled with a strong, scalable architecture your website or application will be ready for growth at any moment.


App Development

Coming soon!


Studio Lantern

Introducing Studio Lantern. We decided it was time to give our creative process a face-lift so we build ourselves a studio. It functions as a multi-purpose production asset, enabling controlled, consistent photography and videography capabilities for ourselves and our clients. In the end we were so happy with it, we thought everyone should have a chance to experiencex` it, so we've opened it up to the public. You can learn more by checking out the link below. We sincerely hope you like it!

White + Gray + Black Backdrops
Large Vanity
Change Room
22 FT Ceiling
800 SQFT
TV w/ Chromecast

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The Process

A little bit about how we like to work.


The process begins with a casual conversation about your project. We want to have a solid understanding of the scope of the project, all the goals you wish to achieve, any relevant deadlines or milestone dates, as as well as any constraints that we should know about. Once your needs have been prioritized, we can then explore all the options with you, discuss their advantages, and together choose the best solution.


With a direction and timeframe established, we take the ideas covered in our conversation back to the office to expand and refine. This stage of research and development is an opportunity for us to learn what makes your project or brand unique. With successive iterations, we work towards a clear direction that meets all of your criteria, opening the floor to you for feedback, further refining the concept.


It's time to push the project from concept to fully realized form. Here's where the prototypes of the previous stage are assembled and meticulously road-tested for functionality and polish. You can expect regular status updates as the project progresses and we work to integrate your feedback and iron out any kinks. Once the work is approved we'll give it one last spit polish (not literally), and then it's ready to go!


The moment we've all been waiting for! The project has been delivered but our commitment doesn't necessarily end there. We are here to support your project long after launch and far into the future. Whether it's dealing with the printers, maintaining your site, or updating your catalog with next year's goods or adding a new member to your team. Lantern won't leave you in the dark.

The Pitch

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