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The Studio

556 Clark Drive

Vancouver, BC

800 Square Feet

an abundance of photographic space

22 Foot Ceilings

as tall as your imagination

Vanity Station

bright dimmable daylight bulbs, two adjustable chairs

Stylish Interior

change room, full length mirror, charging station, tv and more

Complete Privacy

The entire space, without disturbance

The Floorplan

1 Studio
2 Change Room
3 Television
4 Storage
5 Vanity
6 Sofa
7 locker

The Rates

2 HR


4 HR


8 HR


12 HR


*All prices include tax.


3x Lightstands
3x backdrops
1x C-stand
1x Rack 20x Hanger
Garment Steamer
TV + Chromecast
Secure Storage
2x V-flats

Damage Deposit

A fully refundable $500 damage deposit is required for all bookings and will be authorized 3 days prior to booking date.


30 days notice - Full Refund.
Over 7 days notice - $50 fee.
Under 7 days notice - No refund.

Grace Period

We provide a 15 minute grace period when starting/ending your rental. Failure to vacate the studio by the scheduled end time will result in an overtime charge of $75/per hour or part thereof.

The Extras

A la carte equipment rentals. Click to add an item to your booking.

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The Rental

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Q & A

Have a questions? Good news! We have answers.

How clean is your space and are the photos up to date?

We may change the plants from time to time, but our photos represent the space well. A clean studio is a happy studio. We clean the space regularly, and ask that our guests be respectful and keep things tidy.

How much privacy does your space offer?

A whole lot! You'll have the entire 800 square foot area to yourself for the duration of the shoot. The windows are equipped with a 1 way coating so you can see out but not in and there are window covers that can be drawn for extra privacy.

Do you have blackout windows?

We have heavy full coverage window blinds for the two main windows. We also have detachable velcro light blockers for the door and enterance way which cuts about 99% of the light. It'll get pretty dark.

How narrow is your space? Is there room to shoot?

Yes! There is plenty of room. The photos create an illusion of the space being narrower than it is because the door near the shooting area is oversized, and the ceiling is 22 feet high. But don't take our word for it, come have a look for yourself!

Can I shoot video at your studio?

Yes, you can. That said, we are NOT a sound stage. Clark Drive is busy throughway, so the rumbling of large trucks might not be ideal if you are recording sound. Evenings in the studio tend to be much more quiet and plenty of people have shot video and recorded sound with no problems.

What's the parking situation?

There is FREE parking on the side streets (Frances, Georgia) and 1 HOUR parking on Clark (except between 3:00pm and 6:00pm, Monday to Saturday), right outside the entrance.

Where can I park to unload my lovely gear?

Most of the time there is parking right out front on Clark (except between 3:00pm and 6:00pm). If not, you're welcome to pull up to the back of the building and use the rear entrance to load or unload your equipment.

I love your space! Can I host a party there?

Sorry, but no. Our space is intented for professional use only. If you throw a party you'll lose your damage deposit ($500), and we'll be very disappointed in you.

Do Y'all offer recurring monthly discounts?

Yes! We offer the follow discounts for 8 hour or 12 hour bookings, when paid in advance at the begining of the month. Sorry, no refunds.

2 days - $100 off total rental price
3 days - $200 off total rental price
4 days - $300 off total rental price

I'd like to book your studio for an extended period of time. Do you offer discounts for that?

Yes. Please call to disucss.

Do you guys ever offer promotions?

We just might! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and find out ;)

Is there anywhere to eat or drink nearby?

You know it! Agro Cafe is just two doors over and has the BEST freshly roasted organic coffee. There is also Yolks, 'The Butler Did It' and plenty of other great eats on Commerical Drive.

Can I be anything I want to be?

Yes you can.

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